You use the delivered Tools dashboard to perform all Framework Services administration tasks. You can also create a separate dashboard and populate it with links to tools you use most often.

The customer-administrator has access to all delivered tools. The power designer has access only to content management tools. The user has no access to tools.

Tools groups and tools

The Tools dashboard contains a set of basic tools:

  • System administration
  • Manage content

System administration

System administration tools are briefly described here. This table shows the System administration tools. For more information, see the Infor BI for Lawson Installation Guide.

Install Validator Validate the installation.
System Settings Opens the System Configuration Assistant which is a window into the system configuration. Here you can configure authentication, audit, repository, and other advanced settings and localize Infor BI for Lawson for language and time zone differences.

Restart the application server to have the changes take effect.

Services Use to open the Services dashboard where you can modify services attributes
Synchronize Users & Roles Use to synchronize new users and roles or remove expired users. For more information, see npk1484326779263.html.
Manage Users & Roles Use to manage the associations between users and roles.

Content management

Used for managing content ownership. For more information, see Transferring ownership of dashboards, content modules, and content links.