Transferring ownership of dashboards, content modules, and content links

Use this procedure to transfer the ownership of a dashboard, content module, and content item from one user to another.

Note: You should perform this procedure to reassign the content owned or shared by expired users before you remove the users from Framework Services.

Note these:

  • When you transfer dashboard ownership from one user to another, the dashboard is displayed on the new user's dashboard bar and disappears from the previous owner's dashboard bar.
  • You cannot transfer ownership of content modules and content links without also transferring ownership of the parent dashboard to the same user(s).
  1. Select Tools > Manage Content.
  2. Click the Content link.
  3. Optionally, to access another user's item list, specify that user's name in the Display Content for User field and click Submit. The screen refreshes with the new user's item list.
  4. Select the check boxes corresponding to the items whose ownership is to be transferred. To select all items, click the check box in the header row of the table. To sort the items in the table, click the name of the column to be sorted.
  5. Click Select New Owner. The Available Users screen is displayed.
  6. Select the user to whom you want to transfer ownership of the selected items.
  7. Click OK. The Content Management page is updated.
  8. Optionally, to test that the transfer was successful, specify the content owner's user name in the Display Content for User field and click Submit. The user's list is displayed in the Content Management screen.