Setting up access to a dashboard and its components

As an administrator or a power designer with the appropriate rights, use this procedures to assign access to the dashboard management task to other users. The access that you grant and to which component you grant access, dashboard, content module, or content item, is reflected on the Dashboard > Edit > Sharing tab, Content Module > Edit > Sharing tab, and the Content Item > Edit > Sharing tab.

  1. Click the dashboard to bring it to the front.
  2. Click the plus sign to the right-hand side of the dashboard title and select Set Access. The Set Access To <dashboard> form is displayed.
  3. Check the items to which access is to be set. You can select dashboards, content modules, or content links. To select all components, click the check mark in the upper left of the form. The system adds the selected items to the Selected field.
  4. To share with all users, click Share With All. To share with less than all users click Share With Specified users to open the User and Role Picker form.
  5. Use the filtering and search tools at the bottom of this form to filter, sort and locate roles and users.
  6. Select the users in the available list and click the right arrow. Use the Ctrl and Shift keys for multiple selections.
  7. Click Save or Save and Exit.