Tag an existing supplier in M3

  1. Sign in to M3 as an administrator.
  2. Run the Supplier. Open (CRS620) program.
  3. Go to the company and division that requires integration to Supplier Rebate.
  4. Navigate to the supplier that you must tag.
  5. Right click on the supplier and select Change.
  6. Select CRS620/F.
  7. In the user-defined field 4 (CFI4), specify No or 0.
    Note: This setup indicates that the supplier is not eligible for a rebate. When you specify other values or when you leave the field blank, the supplier becomes eligible for rebate.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for all other suppliers.
  9. Click Save and close the form.
  10. Purge supplier master data only.
  11. Run SupplierPartyMaster on Initial Load. Open (EVS006) for specific or range of suppliers.
    See Running initial load in EVS006.
    Note: It is recommended to create a supplier template with a CFI4 value of No and use this template when creating a new non-rebatable supplier.