Configuring M3 to publish FinancialCalendar BODs

You can accumulate and display rebate accruals in reports based from the M3 calendar periods. You can retrieve these periods from M3 through publishing FinancialCalendar BODs.

  1. Sign in to M3 as administrator.
  2. Select M3 > Administration Tools > Enterprise Collaborator Administration > Server > Agreement Control Properties.
  3. Select M3_FInancialCalendar_Sync_Out.
  4. In the m3beFromYear and m3beToYear properties, specify the year to include in the FinancialCalendar BOD update.
  5. On the Saving with Optional Server Reload section, select Auto Server Reload and click Save Control Properties.
    Note: For the initial load, specify the inclusive years. If set to blank, the FinancialCalendar BOD will include all calendar setup in M3.During initial load by EVS006 or updates to CRS910 System Calendar. Open Period, any updates to the specified year publishes a FinancialCalendar BOD update.

    This action updates the corresponding supplier rebate tables and reflect the changes in the Financial Calendar query form.

    For this action to take effect in the accrual periods for claim type M3Calendar, generate the supplier rebate calendar days for that specific year setup.

    To generate calendar days, see Generating supplier rebate calendar days.