Regenerating a supplier rebate agreement

The Supplier Rebate Agreement form enables you to regenerate active agreements. The Regenerate indicator, a red triangle icon with an exclamation point inside, shows if you must regenerate an active agreement. You can also view the corresponding changes in the Agreement Change Log Query form.

After modifying an active supplier rebate agreement, you can use the Regenerate button to recalculate the rebates based on a new criteria. This option only affects the claim transactions that are not yet submitted.

In the Supplier Rebate Agreement form, there is a progress bar displayed above the Regenerate button. This progress bar shows the percentage of completion per chunk of code it undergoes, namely: Computing Accruals, Writing Accruals, and Writing Claims.

During processing, the Supplier Rebate Agreement form is disabled for any change.

The Regenerate button's caption is changed depending on the processing status: Started, Computing Accruals, Writing Accruals, and Writing Claims

The progress bar shows the percent completion for each phase or status (for example, when Computing Accruals is completed at 100%, the progress display for Writing Accruals resets to 0%).

When the processing is completed, the caption is changed back to Regenerate.

Note: When the record count exceeds 200 during regeneration, processing is done as a background task. A progress bar is displayed until the regeneration is completed.