Supplier in the PurchaseOrder BOD is not rebatable

Solution: A PurchaseOrder BOD is filtered out of a specific tenant for any of these reasons:

  • The AccountingEntity shows a company different from the value specified in parameter 10002 'Company' in Process Defaults of Infor M3 Supplier Rebate.
  • The supplier flagged as non-rebatable at the time of publishing the PurchaseOrder BOD. The field 'User-defined field 4 - item' (CFI4) in 'Supplier. Open' (CRS620/F) is used for tagging a supplier as rebatable or not.

To change the rebatable flag in the PurchaseOrder BOD, change the value of CFI4 and republish the PurchaseOrder BOD thru any of these options:

  1. 'Purchase Order. Print Document' (PPS600) to print a copy of the specific PO number.
  2. 'Initial Load. Open' (EVS006) for PurchaseOrder using BOD verb Sync for the specific PO number.