Defining scales

  1. From the main menu, select Master Explorer > Configuration > Scales.
  2. From the toolbar menu, click Filter in Place to show all records.
  3. Click New.
  4. Specify this information:
    Specify a name for this scale. The name can contain up to sixteen alphanumeric characters.
    Scale Code
    Select a scale code:
    • Best rebate indicates that the percentage reached according to the scale is multiplied to the full amount of the paying unit to calculate the rebate.
    • Graduated Rebate means that parts of the reached value received different rates. The portion of the value, which lies between two limits or exceeds the last limit, is given the lower limit's discount.
    Next Limit Alert
    Select this check box to send an email notification based on specified scale limits. If this check box is not selected, no email notification will be sent.
    • 0 indicates that no email notification will be sent.
    • 1 indicates that an email notification will be sent when the next limit value is reached by the total generating value.
      Note: Tick the Completion Alert checkbox in Alerts tab of the Supplier Rebate Agreement form to enable this setup.
    Specify the percentage of the scale's next limit. This percentage value is compared to the total generating value, and serves as the basis for sending the email alert.
    Specify additional scale details. You can also use this field to identify and describe the specific scale being selected or displayed.
  5. In the Details section, click the first row and specify the From Value for the agreement unit and the corresponding scale value to use when the limit is reached.
  6. To add another row, click New and repeat steps 4–6.
  7. Click Save and close the form.
    Note: A display-only grid containing the list of agreements using the selected scale is also visible.