Claim Details

This claim report form shows the claims with aggregation at division and item level. A detailed claim report with no aggregation is also provided in this report.

You can specify or select the details in the Claim Detail Report fields to filter the claims that you intend to show.

Note: Default value for the filters are blank, indicating that all records are included for filters.
Field Description
Supplier Supplier Number
Agreement Number Agreement under which the claim transaction was made.
Note: Dropdown list values are pre-populated based on selected supplier.
Division Division where the claim is included.
Item Number Claim item number.
Warehouse Table Warehouse table where the claim is included.
Accrual Type Volume-based or Period-based.
Transaction Date From and To Transaction date range.
Claim Status Pending or Claimed.
Claim Date This field is displayed when the claim status is Pending.
Debit Note No This field is displayed when the claim status is Claimed.
Aggregation Level Aggregation level for claims:
  • by PO Division
  • by PO Division and Item Number
  • None