Modify agreement position

The number of agreement records displayed depends on the List Cap defined in User Preferences form.

The Position to Agreement No text field enables you to modify an agreement's position in the list displayed in the left-side panel. This field also enables you to indicate which agreement record to show first in the agreement list.

  1. From the left-side panel of the Supplier Rebate Agreement form, position the cursor to the desired agreement number in the list.
  2. Click the Enter or Tab keys.
  3. Optionally, in the Position to Agreement No field, specify the first letter or the whole name of the agreement record that must be displayed first in the agreement list. Click the Enter or Tab keys.

    The searched agreement is displayed as the first item from the agreement list.

    When you only specified the first letter, all the agreement records starting from that letter is displayed from the list in alphabetical order.

    Note: When the field is cleared and the Enter or Tab key is clicked, the cursor is positioned back to the first agreement number when the list is ordered alphabetically.