Tagging debit notes as paid

When Internal Claim Processing is enabled for a claim type that is used in a supplier rebate agreement, SupplierInvoiceBOD are not created and sent to the ERP for payment processing. Instead, the debit notes are manually tagged as paid from the Debit Note list.

  1. From the main menu, select Master Explorer > Supplier Rebate > Reports > Debit Note.
  2. Optionally, filter the claims that you view by using these criteria:
    • Supplier
    • Agreement No.
    • Debit Note No.
    • Debit Note Date
    • Division
    • Status
    • Business Area
    • Procurement Group
    • Item Group
    • Product Group
  3. Click Display. The Debit Note List page is displayed in a new window.
  4. On the Debit Note List page, specify this information:
    Select the check box of the corresponding debit note to tag the record as paid.
    Date Paid
    Specify the date paid. The default value is the current date.
    Paid Amount
    Specify the paid amount. The default value is the rebate amount.
  5. Click Save and close the form.