Cannot submit claims

Claim record cannot be submitted from Claim List form. The row is selected but message '0 of 0 has been successfully submitted' is displayed upon clicking Submit.

Cause: A problem in the claim submission is encountered.


  1. Check if a value is set as the Minimum Claimable Amount in the accruing agreement. The sum of the Claim Amount of the selected records, accumulated per agreement-supplier combination, should exceed this value to allow submission of claims.
  2. Additionally, check if the number series for debit notes is used up.
    1. Go to the accruing agreement in the Supplier Rebate Agreement form.
    2. Right-click on Agreement Type and select Details.
    3. In the Agreement Type form, right-click on Debit Note Number Series and select Details.
    4. In the Number Series Type form, the Last Number Used should be less than the Final Number. Otherwise, increase the Final Number value, or change the Debit Note Number Series linked to the Agreement Type.