Enable Infor M3 business context

Once you add Infor M3 on the context widgets under Infor OS Portal, you must enable the business context forms in the Infor M3 application.

  1. Sign in to M3 as an administrator.
  2. Run the Supplier. Open (CRS620) program.
  3. In the Tools menu, select Context Publisher.
  4. Enable these forms:
    • InforSupplierPartyMaster <IDSUNO>
    • Auto Publish
  5. Repeat configuration steps for these forms:
    • Supplier. Connect Address (CRS622)
    • Supplier. Connect Reference (CRS623)
    • Supplier. Define Purchase and Financial (CRS624)
    • Purchase Statistics. Display (PPS450)
    • Supplier. Connect Our Customer Number (CRS680)
    • Supplier. Open/Division (MFS620)

    For more information on enabling the Infor business context widgets, see Infor M3 H5 User and Administration Guide.