In a period-based agreement, the supplier gives a fixed amount per period as rebate, wherein the period is defined by the incentives.

The process includes a scheduled event which automatically runs to check all active agreements and determines if an accrual or claim record should be created based on the current date. Accrual records are created on the first date of each incentive period. Claim records are created on the last date of the incentive period to ready them for submission. The claims can be submitted when the period under which it has accrued has lapsed. This applies when the incentive has claim type of Periodically or Once.

Period-based accruals are evaluated independently of volume-based accruals. It means that at the same time, a supplier can have a combination of period-based and volume-based agreements, and have accruals for both.

Note: Current implementation of period-based limits the agreement setup to a single supplier.