Regenerate indicator

The Regenerate indicator is displayed in these conditions:

  • There are changes in the main database tables of active agreements. These tables are agreement header, settlement condition, field selection priority, and agreement lines tables.
  • Changes are made in the secondary tables which are used in the agreement, such as the scale setup, supplier table, warehouse table, item table, and PO category table.
  • Real-time updates through masterdata BODs are received for active agreements using the Supplier, Warehouse, Item Exception, Supplier-Item, and Item Alternate UM master data.
  • Real-time updates through PurchaseOrder or ReceiveDelivery BODs are received for a change in the rebatable flag.
  • A new M3 or SR calendar is generated and it is used by an active agreement.

The Regenerate Indicator column is displayed in the left multiview grid. The value for this column depends on the display of alert icon.

  • The value "1" indicates that the active agreement must be regenerated.
  • The value "0" indicates that the alert icon is not displayed and the agreement has no changes.

To update the accruals and remove the change log entry and Regenerate indicator, you must click the Regenerate button.