This flowchart shows the end-to-end process of volume-based rebate management in the application:


In a volume-based agreement, purchase orders are received in the application from an ERP system. Each line of a purchase order is evaluated against active rebate agreements defined in the application.

After validating a purchase order line, corresponding accruals are then generated from the purchase order details. The rebate amount is based on the rules defined in the matching rebate agreements.

When purchase receipts are received from the ERP system, purchase orders are re-evaluated, and accruals are recalculated based on details of purchase receipts.

When an accrual becomes valid for claiming based on the incentive period duration, claim transaction records are created. These transactions are visible in the reports and can already be submitted. A claim can be tagged as internally paid in the application, or it can be sent to the ERP where it can be settled.

In the ERP, supplier rebate debit notes can be used as payment for other purchase order invoices of the same payee. In M3, the processing of the payment is done in the Accounts Payable module. After the rebate claim is settled, meaning it has been used as payment,the application is informed of this update through a BOD sent from M3. This in turn marks the corresponding supplier rebate debit notes in Infor M3 Supplier Rebate as paid. This can be viewed in the Claim List report or the Debit Note List report.