Create supplier rebate agreements

The right-side panel shows the detail view of a specific supplier rebate agreement.

Note: The negotiation and approval of a rebate agreement contract between the supplier and the buying company are made outside the application. After the contract is final, you can replicate the information in the application by creating a supplier rebate agreement.
  1. Upon creating an initial agreement record, specify the Header information:
    Provide a description of the supplier rebate agreement.
    Select a number to denote the priority. The priority number that you specify serves as the basis for sequencing multiple and valid agreements that overlap with each other when you enable the Ignore agreement header priority parameter in Process Defaults.
    Note: Priority field is hidden when Process Defaults parameter is set to 1.
    Maximum Claimable Amount
    Specify the maximum claimable amount for the agreement. This amount is checked based on received purchases only. The maximum claimable amount determines the schedule for sending the automatic notification for the completion of the agreement.
    When creating a new supplier rebate agreement, the default status is Preliminary. You can change the status to any of these options automatically or manually:
    • Preliminary indicates that the agreement is still under negotiation.
    • Active indicates that the agreement is operational and can accrue rebates from valid purchase orders.
    • Closed indicates that the validity of the agreement has lapsed. New accruals cannot be generated, but existing accruals can still be processed until the last claim date. The status of an agreement is updated automatically to Closed on the Valid-To date that you specify.
    • Deactivated indicates that the agreement is invalid for accrual and existing transactions are put on-hold.
    • Cancelled indicates that the rebate agreement between the supplier and the buying company has been revoked or nullified. This cancels previous transactions.
    Note: Other fields such as Supplier, Supplier Name, and Total Rebate Amount are disabled for change and used for display only.

    Additionally, when you change the agreement status from Active to Cancelled or back to Preliminary, reversal claim records for the submitted claims are created having the same amount but a negative sign. These are automatically submitted to APS450 "Supplier Invoice Batch. Open" where the original and reversal transactions can be netted to 0.

  2. On the upper right-hand corner of the Supplier Rebate Agreement form, click ... to show or hide the regeneration option buttons.

    Use these option buttons to regenerate agreement information and to generate pre-filtered reports:

    • Regenerate
    • Rebate Accruals
    • Claim List
    • Claim Detail Report
    • Debit Note