Configuring the BOD version

The ItemMaster and SupplierPartyMaster BODs have two available versions in M3 BOD Processor. In the original version, M3 publishes a BOD for each activated division. With the Master AccountingEntity version, when it is enabled, one BOD is published for a company regardless of how many divisions the company has.

  1. Select M3 > Administration Tools > BOD Processor Administration > Master AE.
  2. In the MasterAE tab, select ItemMaster.
  3. Click Save. Reload the tab.
  4. Select BODs. Scroll down and click SyncItemMaster.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the Show and Acknowledge options.
  6. In the Companies column, select the company value.
  7. In the Divisions column, check MasterAE and clear other division selections.
  8. Click Save. Reload the tab.
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for SupplierPartyMaster.
    Note: For the changes to take effect, you must verify the changes applied in MasterAE from the BODs tab and ItemMaster, and the SupplierPartyMaster from the MasterAE tab, after saving and reloading.

    For a more efficient BOD integration, you must enable the Master Accounting Entity for both ItemMaster and SupplierPartyMaster. Purge the masterdata tables in Supplier Rebate and re-run the initial load for the BODs in EVS006 afterwards.