Specify agreement lines by uploading an Excel file

A prescribed Excel upload template is provided which contains the columns for data to be imported into the agreement lines. Download the template file and fill it up with the necessary information.

Note: For more details about the Excel template, you can contact Infor Consulting Services (ICS) for assistance.
  1. To download the Excel template, go to the main menu of Infor M3 and select Administration Tools > Cloud File Transfer Agent Administration.
  2. In the Cloud File Transfer – Download Contents page, select the Download Contents tab.
  3. Select the template M3-Supplier_Rebate_integration.
  4. Additionally, click the dropdown category M3 ION Content and select the template M3-ISR_integration.
  5. Below the Download Contents tab header, click Download.
    Note: The template files are downloaded into one zipped file.
  6. Unzip the downloaded zipped file M3-ISR_integration.zip and extract these templates:
    • M3-ISR_integration.xml
    • M3-Supplier_Rebate_agr_line_template.xlsx
  7. Fill up the Excel file with the necessary agreement information.
  8. To save the excel file template with the Status column to the location set in the browser’s settings, select the Download Results check box.

    The Status column shows 'Completed' for the successful upload of an agreement line record. When an error is detected, the error is specified under the Status column then proceeds in checking the next record.

    Note: In the case of duplicate records, existing records are overridden by the latest upload.
  9. From the Agreement Lines section of the Incentives tab of the Supplier Rebate Agreement form, click Upload Agreement Lines.
    The Upload Agreement Lines button is made available for volume-based agreements which are not in Cancelled or Closed status. This button opens a dialog box wherein the you can select or drop the Excel file.
  10. Drag or select the file to the dialog box.
    Once the uploading process is completed, a notification message, which shows the number of records inserted and updated, is displayed.