Exporting and importing purchase transactions

The Export and Import PO and Receipts form enables you to migrate or import purchase orders and receipts from an external system by filling out a template and then uploading it in Infor M3 Supplier Rebate.

  1. From the main menu, select Master Explorer > Supplier Rebate > Utilities > Export/Import > Purchase Transactions > Export and Import PO and Receipts.
  2. In the Action section, select Export PO and receipts template.
  3. Click the Export to Excel icon from the toolbar.
    You can locate the saved exported file in the Downloads folder of your local machine.
  4. In the Excel template, specify the required PO and receipts information. Save the file.
    The file will have these fields:
    • Division*
    • Warehouse*
    • Supplier*
    • Receipt No*
    • Receipt Date*
    • Purchase No*
    • PO Line No*
    • PO Sub Line No
    • PO Line Sfx
    • PO type
    • PO Category
    • Order Date*
    • Item Number*
    • Purchase Price*
    • Price per Qty
    • Currency*
    • Purchase Price UM
    • Purchase Qty UM
    • Order Qty*
    • Received Qty
    • Received Qty UM
    • Total Order Discount**
    • External Charge**
    • Discount %***


    **Values from the import file are saved to SRPOHead table but are not integrated into the computations in this release.

    ***Values from the import file are not saved to SRPOHead/SRPOLine/SRPOReceipt tables but are integrated into the computations in this release.

  5. From the Export and Import PO and Receipts form, select the import action.
    Note: The size of the Excel file to import must not exceed 1MB or approximately 16,000 lines.
  6. To select the Excel file from your local machine, click Process.
    Once the PO and receipts are uploaded, these details are displayed in the grid:
    • File Name
    • Row Number (in Excel file)
    • Receipt Number
    • Purchase No
    • PO Line No
    • PO Line Sub
    • Import Status
  7. Additionally, to export the results from the import grid, click the Export icon from the toolbar. This action helps you to specifically identify which rows and lines must be corrected and re-imported.
  8. Optionally, to clear the existing import logs, click Clear Logs.

    Successfully imported purchase transactions indicate a Received status and their M3BODIndicator values are set to 0. This field differentiates purchase transactions whether they are integrated from M3 or if they are imported from the Excel file.

    To generate accruals, you must regenerate all agreements to match them with the successfully imported purchase order and receipt lines.