Tagging suppliers in M3 that are qualified for rebates

Most M3 customers have thousands of suppliers but only a few hundred of them are qualified to have supplier rebate agreements. To limit the volume of data that are processed in Supplier Rebate, the rebate-eligible suppliers are tagged. Suppliers that does not have rebate agreements are flagged accordingly in User-defined field 4, the item (IDCFI4) of the Supplier.Open (CRS620/F) program. This field indicates the user-defined text that you can use for selecting reports or for individual information. In the generated supplier and transaction BODs, this field is mapped to SupplierFreeField4 in UserArea, which is the attribute value that is filtered by the data flow template. NameValues with either '0' or 'No' values are filtered out and not routed to the Supplier Rebate inbox anymore.