Configuring user preferences

You can customize your user interface in the application by configuring Caps in behavior user preference options. Caps refers to the maximum number of records or items that the system can return at one time. There are two types of caps that you can customize for your application:

  • Data records
  • Drop-down lists
  1. Sign in to the Infor M3 Supplier Rebate portal as an administrator.
  2. From the main menu, select View > User Preferences.
  3. In Behavior options, specify this information:
    Show configuration name on caption
    If you select this option, the name of the system configuration to which you are currently logged on is displayed in the title bar of the application.
  4. In the Caps section, select an option:
    Use default
    Select this option to use the system default cap setting. The default cap value is 200.
    Retrieve all
    Select this option to retrieve all records or display all items in a list, overriding system default settings.
    Note: Selecting this option can slow down your system.

    For dataviews, record cap is currently limited to 10,000 records even when the cap in the dataview setup is Retrieve All.

    Use specified max
    Select this option to set your own maximum. If you select this option, specify a value. For example, if you want the system to retrieve 350 records, select this option and set the value to 350.

    A -1 value indicates that the system default setting is being used.

    This setting is not saved when you sign out of the system.