View purchase receipts that are not attached to any agreement

The Non-Accruing PO Receipts report enables you to show all receipts which are not attached to any agreement.

  1. Sign in to Infor M3 Supplier Rebate portal as an administrator.
  2. Select Master Explorer > Supplier Rebate > Queries > Transactional Data > Non-Accruing PO Receipts.
  3. To filter the report to display, specify these field values:
    Note: Default values for the filters are blank, indicating that all the records are included for filters.
    Receipt Date From
    Select the start date for the PO receipts filter.
    Receipt Date To
    Select the end date for the PO receipts filter.
    Aggregation Level
    Select the aggregation level of the purchase orders:
    • by Supplier
    • by Warehouse
    • by Item
    • None
      Note: When you select None, the report results are displayed in a DataView form.
    Include deleted PO receipts
    Optionally, select this checkbox to include PO receipts with deleted status.
    Note: By default, deleted PO receipts are excluded from the report.
  4. Click Show Receipts.
    Note: The displayed report results are based on the selected criteria and aggregation level with a count of the receipts.
  5. Optionally, to show the breakdown of the last selected aggregated record, click Drill to Detail.