Managing claims

The process of claiming rebates begins when a purchase receipt is released, from which a claim transaction record is created in the application.

Each purchase receipt line is evaluated based on valid and applicable rebate agreements. The rebate amount is calculated based on the actual received quantity in the purchase receipt line. A claim date, the earliest date that a claim can be submitted, is determined based on the receipt date and the specified period in the incentive setup.

The progress of a claim is reflected in its status:

PendingThe initial status of a new claim record. Pending claims are open claims that are not yet submitted.
CreatedAfter a debit note record is created, the status of a claim is updated to Created.
SubmittedThe status of a claim becomes Submitted when a debit note record is sent successfully to an ERP.
DeferredWhen a rebate agreement is deactivated, all claim records that are associated to it are updated to a Deferred status. This means that the transactions cannot be changed and are put on-hold.
CancelledWhen a rebate agreement is cancelled, all claim records that are associated to it are updated to a Cancelled status. This means that the transactions are no longer valid.
PaidA claim transaction record is tagged as Paid in the Claim List when the debit note is processed as payment for other purchase invoices or was manually marked as Paid. The processing of claim payments can be done externally, in the ERP, or internally in Supplier Rebate.
Deleted When the reference receipt of a submitted claim is deleted in M3, the status is updated to Deleted. A reversal record is also created.
Invoice reversed When the reversal claim is submitted, the status of the original invoice is updated to Invoice reversed.