No claims created for purchase receipts due to exceeded maximum rebate amount

Cause: Maximum rebate amount set for the valid agreement is exceeded.


The maximum rebate amount set for an agreement is the maximum total rebate that can be claimed under an agreement. This restricts the claim records that are created. If the computed claim from an incoming ReceiveDelivery BOD exceeds this amount when accumulated with the existing claims under the same agreement, the claim record is not created.

Complete this procedure for verification.

  1. To check if the receipt is processed, go to the Transaction on Queue.
  2. To filter, click F4.
  3. Specify the PurchaseNo as Transaction No and POLineNo as Transaction Line No.
    Note: The returned records with Type=PO shows in the Transaction Log field if an agreement is found valid.
  4. In Supplier Rebate Agreement form, check if the expected agreement has a Maximum Rebate Amount.
  5. Open Claim Transaction Query.
  6. Set the agreement number as filter.
  7. Click Apply.
    The total value in the Claim Amount column for this agreement should not exceed the Maximum Rebate Amount when the new incoming receipt is included. Otherwise, it is by design that the claim is not created for the purchase receipt.