Using the utility forms

You can use these utility forms to configure the flow of information, BODs, agreements, and debit notes within the Infor M3 Supplier Rebate application.
Name Description
Debit Note Status Use this form to display the status of debit notes.
Export and Import Configuration Use this form to manually export or import supplier rebate configuration data from and to a tenant.
Feature Management Use this form to enable the administrator to control and turn on new functionalities when the users are ready to test or use the application.
Generate Supplier Rebate Calendar Days Use this form to generate calendar days that are based from the M3 calendar periods received through the SyncFinancialCalendar BODs or by importing an internal calendar.
Generate Default Configuration Data Use this form to create or modify Supplier Rebate configuration data.
Log Writer Viewer Use this form to identify the log details of a specific database.
Purge BOD information Use this form to purge BOD information.
Purge Supplier Rebate Data Use this form to remove all the master and transactional data of Supplier Rebate (except framework data) when switching to a different company, or if incorrect company data has been initially loaded.
Supplier Rebate Agreement Regenerator Use this form to regenerate all active agreements post-upgrade. You can also specify multiple comma-delimited agreements list.
Transaction on Queue Use this form to display the status of processing inbound BODs during accrual creation.