Specify agreement lines by priority

Each incentive number has its own set of priorities and agreement lines. You must position the cursor on a specific incentive to set up its priorities and agreement lines.

  1. To add an agreement line, navigate to Agreement Lines grid.

    The priorities with field selection criteria setup are displayed across in Priority.

    Note: To view the saved priority setups, click the Priority drop-down list.
  2. Click Field Selection Priority.
    Note: If the accrual type used for this rebate agreement is period-based, Field Selection Priority button and Agreement Lines section are not needed, and therefore, disabled.

    You can set up to ten priorities for each incentive. Each priority is defined by the criteria that you specify.

  3. Provide values for each specified criterion (Fields 1-4) in the selected priority, as reflected in the agreement line.
    Fields 1 – 4
    Select a criterion from the list.

    Clicking the dropdown button of a user-defined field shows the names and corresponding source table information of the available criteria.

    Possible values include all columns from the Item master data table; warehouse type, warehouse subtype, warehouse facility, supplier number, payee, company group, and the user-defined fields from Supplier.Connect Item (PPS040).

    When selected, these values become the headers for the agreement lines grid.

    When Item Number is used as field selection criteria, the Item Description is displayed by default in the Agreement Line grid.

    Item Exceptions Table
    To specify excluded items for this agreement line, select Item Table from the list. Items included in this table will not accrue rebates.

    To see the details on how to create an Item Table, see Grouping items.

    Note: You can also define agreement lines by using the asterisk symbol as a wild card character, which qualifies multiple items based on criteria with inexact matching of values. Wild card characters may be used in place of an undefined set of characters preceding, midway, or trailing the string used at any or all of the four field criteria in the agreement lines.
  4. Define these fields for the agreement line:
    Note: These fields are only visible when the Accumulation field in the Agreement Type used is line-level.Optionally, specify text to describe the agreement line.
    Rebate Method
    Optionally, specify text to describe theSelect a rebate method as the basis for calculation:
    • Fixed Rate indicates a fixed rebate rate based on the value specified in the Percent field.
    • Scaled Rate indicates a rebate rate based on the scale connected to the rebate agreement. This rate varies by the bulk of purchase transactions.
    • Scaled Amount indicates a rebate amount based on the scale connected to the rebate agreement. This amount varies by purchase volume.
    • Fixed Amount enables you to specify a fixed rebate in the Amount field.
    If you select Scaled Rate or Scaled Amount as the rebate method, select a scale from the list.

    To view the scale levels that are connected to the rebate agreement, right-click Scales and select Details.

    If you select Fixed Rate as the rebate method, specify the percentage.
    If you select Fixed Amount as rebate method, specify the rebate amount.
    Agreement Unit
    Select an agreement unit from the list. This field is the unit of measure used for the rebate scale.
    • Quantity refers to the total ordered quantity for every purchase order line.
    • Net purchase price refers to the net of the discounts amount for every purchase order line, expressed in the currency of the agreement.
    • Gross purchase price refers to the total amount for every purchase order line, regardless of the discounts expressed in the currency of the agreement.
    Paying Unit

    Select a paying unit from the list.

    This field indicates to which value the rebate rate or rebate amount is multiplied.

    • Quantity only applies to Scaled Amount and Fixed Amount rebate methods.
    • Net Purchase Price only applies to Fixed Rate and Scaled Rate rebate methods.
    • Gross Purchase Price only applies to Fixed Rate and Scaled Rate rebate methods.
    Unit of Measure
    If you select Quantity as the agreement unit or paying unit, select a unit of measurement from the list.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: To view a list of all agreement lines related to the priorities of the selected agreement, click Agreement Lines Query.