Regenerate supplier rebate agreements

The Supplier Rebate Agreement Regenerator form is the main regeneration form that enables you to regenerate all active agreements or specify multiple comma-delimited agreements list. The system recomputes the accruals based on the new parameters, rebate conditions, and rates. List of regenerated agreements, count of accruals created, and the status of the regeneration process are displayed in the form.

  1. Sign in to Infor M3 Supplier Rebate portal as an administrator.
  2. From the Explorer menu, select Form > Open, or press Ctrl + O.
  3. In the Select Form dialog box, go to Filter and specify Supplier Rebate Agreement Regenerator. Click OK.
  4. In the Agreement Number, specify ALL to regenerate all agreements.
  5. Click Regenerate.
    Note: You must regenerate all active agreements after an upgrade is done in the system.
  6. Additionally, in case a transaction gets stuck in the processing, click Reprocess.
  7. Optionally, to delete all the records that are stuck in the Supplier Rebate Agreement Regenerator form, click Purge.
    Note: Once the specific agreement is removed from the Agreement Regenerator queue, regeneration of the specific agreement can be triggered again in the Supplier Rebate Agreement form.