Specify incentives

  1. On the Incentives tab, specify this information:
    Incentive No
    The incentive number where the claim transaction is created.
    Incentive Description
    Specify a name or description for the incentive number.
    Claim Type
    Select a claim type:
    • Periodically means that claims are created according to the specified claim period.
    • Once means that there is only one claim to be made for the agreement after the agreement’s valid-to date.
    • Never means that there is no claim to be made and that the agreement is for tracking purposes only.
    • M3 Calendar means that the claims are recorded in buckets based on the M3 calendar periods.
    • SR Calendar means that the claims are recorded in buckets based on the internally maintained user-defined calendar periods.
    Duration (months)
    Specify the frequency of claims, expressed in x number of months, for example, 1 for monthly, 3 for quarterly, and 6 for semi-annually.
    Periods Per Year
    Shows the number of periods for each year if the selected claim type value is M3 Calendar.
    Next Claim Date
    Shows the next date when a rebate claim can be raised from the agreement.
    Last Claim Date
    Optionally, specify the last date after the validity period to claim rebates.

    This parameter enables you to submit existing claims even when the agreement is already in the Closed status.

    Base Incentive

    Specify the base incentive, if it exists.

    The base incentive is the reference incentive number. Indicating a base incentive enables tracking of previous rebate values that have been received for a prior period. This defines the relationship between incentives. Any existing incentive number can be used as a base incentive. The relationship between incentives is limited to a two-tier structure.

    When an incentive is used as a Base Incentive value, it can no longer be used as child incentive of another record. There can only be a single level incentive relationship.
    Note: An incentive with a Claim Type value of Never, M3 Calendar, or SR Calendar is not accepted as a Base Incentive setup.

    An incentive with a Claim Type value of M3 Calendar or SR Calendar only accepts incentives with claim type Once as a Base Incentive setup.

    Period Amount

    Specify the applicable rebate amount for each period of an incentive number.

    This amount is expressed in the currency of the agreement. This field is only enabled when the agreement type used allows period-based accruals.

  2. To add an incentive, right-click on any column and select New.