Check settings in the Transaction Status field

In the Transaction Status, the value must be Finished. The Transaction Logs tell you the details of how the PO line has been processed and the agreements under which it has accrued, if there are any.

If the transaction is recent and the status is set as NotStarted, the PO has been queued and is waiting to be processed. The system checks for new transactions to process every 60 seconds. If a transaction has been in NotStarted status for a long time, complete these steps:

  1. Open Event Triggers form.
  2. Go to event name SRCheckTransactionOnQueue. The Clear "In Process" button must be disabled. The Last Fired field should show a recent date or time if there are transactions for processing.
  3. If the transaction is recent and the status is ErrorOccurred, check Log Writer Viewer form for the new entries created. The Message field tells you the nature of the error encountered.