The solution contains these limitations:

  • Agreements are set up with the assumption that negotiation and approval are managed outside of the application.
  • The agreement type and supplier fields are restricted for change after the agreement is activated with or without existing accruals.
  • The agreement selection process is based on the agreement’s priority number, considering the setup in Process Defaults.
  • Period-based agreement is limited to a single supplier setup only. The use of supplier table is not handled.
  • The user cannot manually indicate which agreement a purchase order should accrue for. It is automatically done.
  • Purchase order transactions involving PO Line Sub Number such as kit items and partial deliveries is out of scope.
  • Accruals are not automatically recalculated when an active agreement’s terms are changed. Recalculation can be triggered manually.
  • When changing a purchase order, the related rebate agreement accrual in Infor M3 Supplier Rebate is updated automatically. No BOD update is triggered by the deletion of purchase transactions.
  • Accrual values are converted to match the agreement’s currency and units of measure. Currency conversion method used is always multiplication. Alternate unit of measure conversion rates requires a multiplicative (type1) conversion form. Accrual records are not created when the necessary conversion rates are missing.
  • No accrual record will be created for a purchase transaction when the accrual exceeds the valid agreement's maximum allowable accumulated rebate amount.
  • A receipt BOD requires a corresponding PO record to create an accrual under a valid agreement.
  • Claims are raised based on purchase orders with delivery receipts. Purchase invoices are not necessary.
  • When a rebate is due for claiming, the user must manually trigger submitting of the claims. It will not be automatically submitted and sent to the supplier.
  • Supplier rebate claims are not itemized.
  • No facility for archiving agreements exist.