Configure Supplier Rebate context application

Before you can access the context application, it should be configured and setup first in Ming.le.

For more information, see the integration guide for Infor M3 Supplier Rebate.

  1. In Ming.le, click the User Menu icon.
  2. Select Admin Settings.
  3. Select Manage Context / Utility Apps.
  5. Specify this information:
    Specify Context App.
    Specify Agreements List By Supplier.
    Specify Agreements listed by selected supplier from CRS620 program of M3.
    Specify this link:

    https://<insert farm ID>ap-isr.ssmgf.<insert region ID><insert configuration came>?page=formonly&form=SRAgreementsListBySupplier&notitle=1

    Reference for correctly building URLs for context app:

    Region Farm URL template
    US mguseast<insert_configuration_name>?page=formonly&form=SRAgreementsListBySupplier&notitle=1
    Tokyo mgapne1<insert_configuration_name>?page=formonly&form=SRAgreementsListBySupplier&notitle=1
    Sydney mgapse2<insert_configuration_name>?page=formonly&form=SRAgreementsListBySupplier&notitle=1
    Frankfurt mgeucent1<insert_configuration_name>?page=formonly&form=SRAgreementsListBySupplier&notitle=1
  6. From the Permissions tab, click Add New Users and/or IFS Security Roles.
  7. Specify ISR-User.
    When adding IFS Security Roles, verify first if the user's account is under a selected IFS Security Roles so that the user can see and access the context app.
  8. Save the context application setup.
  9. From the Context Message tab, click Add Message.
  10. Specify inforBusinessContext.
  11. Save the context message setup.
  12. In the Applications tab, click Add/Remove Applications.
  13. Add Infor M3 and turn on the corresponding toggle switch.
  14. Save the application setup.
  15. Log out then log in.
    Note: Before checking out the context app, proceed first to Infor M3 Supplier Rebate to select a configuration. This is for the purpose of signing in to properly load the Infor M3 Supplier Rebate applications. After the configuration log in, you can now proceed to the applications and the context the app should show accordingly.