You can use a query form to display specific information in the application.

Accruals Query Shows a list of accruals according to agreement number or purchase order number
Agreement Change Log Query Shows the modify, add, and delete actions done in the agreement tables and secondary tables used by agreements
Agreement Group Query Shows the different agreement groups setup
Agreement Line Query Shows the different agreement line setup
Agreement Type Query Shows the different agreement types setup
Claim Transaction QueryShows claim transaction records according to agreement number
Claim Type QueryShows the different claim types setup
Currency Rate QueryShows currency exchange rates according to exchange rate type
Debit Note Header Query Shows debit note records according to debit note number
Division QueryShows the different accounting entity setup according to divisions
Field Selection Priority QueryShows field selection criteria with priority setup according to agreement number
Financial Calendar Query Shows the M3 Calendar periods setup for each year
Item Alternate UM Query Shows all the alternate unit of measure associated to an item.
Item Location Query Shows the division-specific data of an item.
Item Master QueryShows item master data
Item Table QueryShows item table header setup
Non-Accruing PO Receipts Shows a list of PO receipts records which do not accrue under any agreement
Non-Accruing Purchase Orders Shows a list of PO records which do not accrue under any agreement
Number Series QueryShows the different number series types setup
Payment Method QueryShows the different payment methods setup
Payment Term QueryShows the different payment terms setup
Purchase Order Line Query Shows a list of purchase order lines and the agreement under which it has accrued
Receipt Query Shows all purchase receipt lines and indicates whether the receipts are valid to an existing agreement or not. A status also shows if the receipt has been deleted or not.
Scale QueryShows the different scale setups
Supplier Master QueryShows supplier master data according to supplier number or name
Supplier Rebate Agreement QueryShows supplier rebate agreement records
Supplier Rebate Calendar Days Query Shows each date of the year and its corresponding period number which is generated based on defined periods.
Supplier Table QueryShows supplier table header setup
Unit of Measure QueryShows the different unit of measure setup
Warehouse QueryShows warehouse master data
Warehouse Table QueryShows warehouse table header setup