S3 user enhancements

S3 Infor browser changes


The S3 Info Browser has been enhanced with these features:

When fields occur more than once in a data set you are querying for an Info Browser widget, you can now select the field more than once.

New filtering options:
  • Performing a filter on a list generated from an Info Browser will re-query the database. (Previously, only the list itself was filtered.)
  • Multiple filter values are now supported in filter fields for columns. Separate values with “|” (the vertical bar or pipe character).
  • You can use common tokens (operators) such as ends with (~*) to filter column data. A list of available tokens is displayed from the context (right-click) menu when you select Filter tokens.
  • An icon is displayed in the upper-right corner of the Info Browser widget if key values, criteria or conditions are defined in Settings. Fields with values specified for key data or criteria will not be filterable in the list.
  • The option to export S3 Info Browser widgets to a format from which to create predefined widgets has been removed. (Administrators can publish an S3 Info Browser as a predefined widget in the Widgets editor.)
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Visualizer available for list-item forms


A Related Information visualizer option is available from Tools > Related Information. This visualizer shows links which use http or file protocols.

For example, if you have access to a drive (either because it is local or you are mapped to it) that contains item images), you could create a link to the images. This example URL points to an image on the user’s local machine:


The existing ability to create a Chart visualization still exists. Users can create either a Related Information or a Chart visualization but not both.

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S3 list-driven forms changes

  • Data views changes:
    • Personalizations allow users to have a different set of conditional styles for each view.
    • Data views have been moved from the Tools menu to Personalizations (as a sub-menu).
    • Default views are personalized for a session but is not saved. If the Display default view modified warning is enabled, users are prompted to save a default view with a new name.
  • Multiple filter values are now supported in filter fields for columns. Separate values with “|” (the vertical bar or pipe character).
  • Numeric fields can calculate totals. From the column heading, the context (right-click) menu now has the option Show Total. The column values are totaled and the total is displayed at the bottom of the list.
  • Fields that occur multiple times can now be selected in the Choose Columns dialog box. (This requires Lawson System Foundation minimum release
  • Watches now support variables and date filters. Note that the watch maintains the value of the variable when the watch was created. Therefore, use of variables might not be appropriate for all watch applications.
  • The User setting, Delay list retrieval, is set for viewing lists based on large data sets. This setting prevents data from being immediately loaded when a list screen is presented. Instead, a user must first specify a filter. This presents the user from being presented with a data set that is too large and prevents overtaxing the system.
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S3 general forms change


Users can access a record’s attachments through the toolbox if a record has attachments and if this option has been enabled in Settings.

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Job log file viewer now has a copy to clipboard feature


You can now copy the job log file to the clipboard so that you, for example, email the log contents.

With the log file open, click the Copy to Clipboard button.

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New S3 scripting features

These scripting features have been added:
  • A new IForm method, SetTabStops, is for reordering tab stops.
  • A new read-only ScriptConstant, Thickness, determines the margin of new controls.
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User settings updates

Release 10.0.0 has these user settings changes for S3:
  • Users can now change their data area (Advanced tab). If the user role allows it, users can also disable their data area in Settings. (These options were disabled in a previous release but are restored in 10.0.0)
  • A new user setting, Display default view modified warning (Applications tab), determines whether users will be prompted to save a default view with a new name.
  • A new setting, Show attachments (Advanced tab), lets users see attachments on a record, if any exist, and launch the attachments from the toolbox.
  • The new Delay List Retrieval setting (Applications tab when list presentation is also selected) provides the option to not request data when a form list is initially presented. If this feature is set, an empty list view is presented and a user must perform a filter action to retrieve data.
  • Additional features are available for exporting lists (Export tab):
    • If enabled by your system administrator, export all data for the current query. This option, which could potentially load a significant amount of data and be time-consuming, is in addition to the existing options for exporting only list contents and exporting only select list items.
    • The Use List Export Selection option, if selected, saves the list export option you selected. You are not prompted for exporting options when this flag is selected.

If your administrator has given you access to these settings, they are available through Show menu/Settings/S3 Transactions and the tabs mentioned.

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Personalization Manager update

The Personalization Manager has these updates:
  • The Personalization Manager user interface is now a tab format.
  • Users can now copy S3 application list personalizations to another user (if that user is in the same data area).
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Lawson Enterprise Mashup Designer enhancements


New features and changes are available with Lawson Enterprise Mashup Designer when used with Lawson Smart Office version 10.0.0.

These features are described in the Lawson Enterprise Mashup Designer documentation.

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