Using a secondary timescale with a Gantt chart

You can change the display view for a portion of a Gantt chart so that you have additional space for viewing data that would be hard to see in default view. You might do this if you want to have a "close-up" view of some of the data in a range.

Do this by enabling a "secondary timescale" to the chart. (The "main timescale" is enabled by default.)

When more than one timescale is in use, the data before and after the start date of the secondary timescale or within a range (for charts that have start and stop dates) are in the new style.

To enable a secondary timescale to a Gantt chart

  1. From the Actions menu, select Settings.
  2. Add a number of days to the Days before field, the Days after field, or both.

    This tells the Gantt chart the days for which the secondary timescale should be active. For example, if you set "Days before" to "5" and "Days after" to "2," the secondary timescale will be in effect for five days before and two days after the current day. The current day and all days that are not either five days before or two days later will be in the main the timescale view.

    If you are working with a chart that has a date range available, the primary timescale will be in place for days before or after the range.

    When multiple timescales exist, you can drag and drop entries from one timescale to another.

To configure a timescale in a Gantt chart

  1. Right-click on the chart to open the context menu and then select the timescale, either Main or Secondary.
  2. Set the timescale from the available options:
    • Hour: Extra Large, Large, Normal, or Small

    • Day: Normal or Small

    • Month

    • Quarter

  3. To change the default settings for hours, right-click to open the context menu and then select Non-Work Settings.

    On the dialog box that appears, make changes for the days and/or hours. These changes will be reflected in the timescale. Days and hours that have been set as "non-work" will be grayed-out in the timescale. You will not be able to drag and drop items onto a grayed-out portion of the timescale.