Configuring a file comparison utility

You can perform file comparisons of forms and objects when checking them in with FormSync or Form Control. To do this, you must configure a file comparison utility. 

Note: File comparison utilities must be configured using FormSync. If you do not have administrative access to FormSync, you must get an authorized system administrator to configure the utility for you.

You can configure various third-party file-comparison utilities to work with Form Control, including these:

  • KDiff3, an open source file comparison and merge utility that allows three-way comparisons, which can be helpful when working with Form Control files and databases
  • WinDiff, available from Microsoft with the Platform SDK
  • WinMerge, an open source file-comparison tool
  • BeyondCompare, from Scooter Software

To configure a file-comparison utility, use this process:

  1. Open the FormSync utility.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Configure Comparison Utility.
  3. In the Name field of the File Comparison Utilities dialog box, enter the name of your file comparison utility.
  4. In the Exe File field, take one of these actions:
    • Enter the path and file name of the executable file for the file-comparison utility.
    • Click in the field, click the ellipsis (•••) button, and then select the executable file for your file-comparison utility.
  5. To set the utility as the default, select the Default check box.
  6. Save, and close the File Comparison Utilities dialog box.