Selecting an A/R Payment to be Reapplied

  1. Open the A/R Quick Payment Application form.
  2. Ensure that you have entered all the payment information.
  3. Select Actions > Save.
    Note: You must perform this step before you can select transactions in the grid at the bottom of the form.
  4. Select an invoice in the grid.
  5. Select an open credit or payment in the grid.

    The selection of both the invoice and the open credit/payment triggers the reapplication process.

  6. Select Apply.

    A payment distribution is created for the invoice for the value in the Customer Amount field.

    Note: To verify that the system has reapplied the open payment, you can view it in the A/R Posted Transactions Detail form.
    Note: If you select multiple invoices, open payments, or open credits, the oldest open transaction is applied to the oldest invoice. You cannot enter the invoice number to apply the open payment to.