Enable or disable FIPS in IRC and Certification Manager

Use the FIPS Compliance feature of the Environment Manager utility.

Navigate to <Install Path>\core\bin\ and execute Environment Manager.exe. The system will checks the status of the windows level FIPS.

  • If the windows level FIPS is enabled, the system displays this message .

    1. Click OK.
    2. To disable FIPS, refer to the earlier section (Enable or disable FIPS at Windows Level).
  • If FIPS is disabled, the system will display this screen.

    1. Expand Certification Manager on the left panel.
    2. Select the FIPS Compliance and click the Enable button on the right panel. The system displays a warning message.
    3. Click Yes. The system converts the Legacy encryption programs to FIPS compliance and displays a confirmation message:
Note: Repeat the same steps if you want to convert FIPS to Legacy later.