Updating report config settings (MSSSRS)

Use the Update Report Configuration feature to change the report server configuration. For example, if you change the communication protocol on the report server or change the report server name, the change is reflected using the Update Report Configuration feature.

Note: The Report Config Settings stores the Report Server and the database details that are used for the subscription purposes.

To update the report configuration:

  1. Provide the MSSSRS server name with the port number on which the report server has been configured.
  2. Provide the name of the report server virtual directory.
  3. Provide the name of the report manager virtual directory.
  4. In the Report Server Database Information panel, provide the SQL server name and the database name in the respective fields. To locate these names:
    1. Go to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/Microsoft SQL Server 2012/ Microsoft SQL Server 2014 > Configuration Tools > Reporting Service Configuration.
    2. Go to the Database.
    3. Copy the values of the SQL Server Name and the Database Name from the Current Report Server Database section.
  5. Select the Use SSL Connection when connecting to MSSSRS check box if you installed MSSSRS on a machine that is SSL enabled
    Note: The server name specified must be a valid MSSSRS server with reports published. If the communication protocol selected is https, the server name and the port number must be the one assigned to the certificate.
    1. In IIS, navigate to the website where IRC is hosted. In most cases, this is the default website. Right-click on the site name and select Edit Bindings.
    2. Add a binding for HTTPS and select the appropriate SSL certificate. The certificate must have already been created or obtained from a Certificate Authority (VeriSign, GoDaddy, etc.). Also, make sure that the IP Address is set to 'All Unassigned'.
    3. Select the binding for HTTP and remove it. HTTPS must be the only binding remaining on the list.
    4. Navigate back to the website where IRC is hosted in IIS and left-click on the name. In the Features window to the right, select SSL Settings. Make sure the 'Require SSL' option is checked.
    5. Re-open the Environment Manager utility. Select Update URL Config to configure SSL. Under IRC Services, specify the communication protocol (HTTPS) and specify the server name exactly as it's shown the SSL certificate. The port number is required if the HTTPS binding is configured to use any port other than 443 (e.g. servername:port).
    6. Repeat step 5 for the IRC Adapter configuration.
  6. Click Update to apply the changes.