Changing authentication scheme: Infor Risk & Compliance Application Security( IRCAS) to active directory

To change the authentication scheme from the Application Security to AD on the Authentication Scheme tab:

  1. In the Change Authentication Scheme to option field, select Microsoft Active Directory.
  2. To enable the Single Sign-On for the Active Directory users, select the Use Integrated Windows Authentication check box. This allows AD users (provided users login with AD account to windows) to directly access the home page without having to log in.
  3. Enter the Domain DNS Name of the Active Directory for authentication.
  4. Enter the user name and password for the Active Directory Lookup account. This must be a valid AD account. This account is also set up as the Administrator Account for the Super User after switching to AD authentication.
    Note: This account must be an AD account and used exclusively as the Administrator login. A user with the same display name must not exist in ERP.
  5. Select the Enable SSL check box if the selected Active Directory is SSL enabled. Selecting the check box indicates that the specified domain is secured. It is mandatory to specify the port number.
  6. Click Update.