Set a permissible values list for an attribute

By default, a text box is displayed on the requests page for providing permissible values for attributes. Configure this xml to define a permissible values list. A drop-down list is then displayed on the requests page and permissible values can be selected for attributes. The following figure is an example for the additional attribute second Academic Title.

To configure the xml setting:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Settings\AdditionalUserAttributes.xml
Tag <permissiblevalues>
Node <permissiblevalue value="0004">B.A.</permissiblevalue>
Configuration setting Set the values in the node.

For example, for the permissible value B.A., set the value in the node as <permissiblevalue value="004">”B.A.”</permissiblevalue>. Here the value indicates the internal value that is set in SAP and the text B.A. indicates the display text that appears on the Request creation page on the user interface.