Configure user re-provisioning settings

The SAMIWritebackConfig.xml file enables you to determine whether users should be unlocked, depending on their status. Users with a specific status code can be excluded from being unlocked even if a re-provisioning request is approved.

The user’s lock status is checked in SAP using the DEE code while attempting to perform write-backs to SAP.

To configure the xml setting:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Settings\SAMIWritebackConfig.xml
Tag <excludedlockreason>
Node <code> </code>
Configuration setting

If multiple lock statuses are needed, add a new <code> node with the lock value.

For example, <code>128</code>. Users with the lock reason code 128, will be excluded for being unlocked in a user re-provisioning request. The code 128 stands for ‘locked due to incorrect login.

Default This node does not exist.