Creating an offline connection

If data has been extracted remotely using the IRC Portable Data Extractor, the data must be uploaded into IRC before it can be extracted and used by IRC. In this case, you must create an offline connection.

To create an offline connection:

  1. On the Connections page, click the Import icon to display a list of the ERP applications. Select SAP to display the Connection Details page.
  2. Click Browse to locate one of the following files:
    • A .beu project file generated by the Portable Data Extractor.
    • A .zip file, containing the .beu file generated by the Portable Data Extractor.
  3. Click the Upload icon.
    The system uploads the file and populates the remaining fields on the screen with the connection details. The connection details will vary, depending on the ERP selected.
    Note: For information on the Connection field details, see the online help shipped with the product.