Impact of Connection Security on IRC

When connections are secured, these areas in IRC are impacted:

  • Access to the Connections page:

    When connections are secured, only users with the following roles can access the secured connections:

    • Administrator - The Administrator is the default owner of all connections and can access all connections.
    • Connection Owner - A connection owner can create a connection and assign other connection owners or connection users.
  • Editing or deleting connection
    • Administrators can edit and delete all connections.
    • Connection Owners can delete and edit only owned connections.
    • Connection Users cannot delete nor modify connections.
  • Scheduling extraction

    Connection Owners and Connection Users for a connection can schedule extractions from the connections accessible to them.

  • Assigning rule books to connections

    You can associate one or more connections, accessible to you, to a rule book. If all connections are selected while scheduling an analysis, data from the connections associated with the selected rule books only participate in the analysis. If any of these connections are not accessible to you, data from that connection is not included in the analysis.

  • Creating and testing rules

    While building rule conditions, you can view values only for those connections that are accessible to you. You can also test your rules on the connections accessible to you.

  • Analysis

    You can perform analysis on the data that is extracted from the connections accessible to you. If you select all connections while scheduling the analysis, data from the connections accessible to you is included in the analysis. Data from all other connections does not participate in the analysis.

  • What-if analysis

    You can perform What-If analyses only on the connections accessible to you.

    If a connection is secured after you create a What-if analysis for that connection and you do not have access to it now, you can view the results of the analysis on the What-if home page only. These results cannot be viewed in analysis reports.

  • Requests

    You can create requests only for the connections accessible to you. Even if an approval template with 'All' connections is selected, the request will be created only for the connection accessible to the requestor.

  • Reports

    Connection security impacts report filters in the following ways:

    • The Connections drop-down list: Displays only those connections accessible to you. Administrators can view all connections. Even if you select all connections, the report is generated only for the connections accessible to you.
    • The Analyses drop-down list: An analysis is listed in this drop-down only if all the connections used in that analysis are accessible to you.