Limiting extracted data

Configure this xml to limit the data to be maintained for the PAHI object.

The file SCI_Supported_Version.xml is enhanced to add the subnode <PAHIAdvancedFiltering>, under the node <supported_versions> . You can configure the limiting criteria for different fields. Specify the field name and the field values to be excluded or included. The field values specified must be comma separated.

Note: After modifying the xml file, open the file in a browser to ensure that the file is correctly updated.

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Adapters\TMonitor\Settings\SCI_Supported_Version.xml
Tag <PAHIAdvancedFiltering>
Configuration setting Change the PAHIAdvancedFiltering enabled value to Yes. Specify the field name, and the comma separated values to include or exclude.

By default, the value of PAHIAdvancedFiltering enabled is No.