Background extraction settings

Background extraction is a background process in SAP and is used to extract data instead of a dialog connection.

Background extraction requires DEE 4.5 to be installed on the SAP system. The IRC Connection user should be assigned the INFOR_DEE45_BG_ROLE as the permissions contained within this role are required for background extraction.

To enable extraction for objects, modify the file [InstallPath]\Adapters\TMonitor\ProcessModules as described here:

  1. Click on the Process Modules folder to view the Insight folders.
  2. Select the TEHConfig file in Notepad.
  3. Search for the node <PMDEEHostConfig>.
  4. Within this node, search for the object to be enabled for background extraction. In the example below, background extraction is enabled for AccessManagerComponent.
  5. Insert the node <UseBackgroundDEE>.


    The node <UseBackgroundDEE> must be added for all objects requiring background extraction.

    Note: Background extraction is supported by the Transaction module and the Access Management component.