Special Users and their Passwords Report - Display New Parameters

The Special Users and their Passwords report displays various RSPARAM settings specific to logins and also the name of the connection used to extract data. The RSPARAM parameters displayed on the report depend on the parameters present in the XML file RSPARAMSettings.xml.

For example, the report displays parameters such as 'Character Set for Passwords' and 'Minimum Password Length'. You can display new parameters on the report by configuring the file RSPARAMSettings.xml.

XML file name and path <InstallPath>\Adapters\TMonitor \ProcessModules\SAPSystemConfiguration\Settings.
Tag <RSPARAMSettings>
Configuration setting Add the following: <RSPARAMSettings> <ParameterName></ParameterName> <ParameterDisplayName></ParameterDisplayName> </RSPARAMSettings>. After creating the above tags, specify the parameter name within the tags <ParameterName></ParameterName> and specify the parameter friendly name within the tags <ParameterDisplayName></ParameterDisplayName>. Schedule an extraction from IRC. The new parameters will now be available for reporting.
Default Value All parameters mentioned in the XML are displayed on the report.