Chunk size reduction percentage

If an extraction from DEE fails, data chunk size is reduced to a percentage and extraction is performed again. Use the XML to specify the percentage to which a chunk size should be reduced. By default, the chunk size is reduced to 10%. For example, the data chunk size is 20. In case of extraction failure, the data chunk size is reduced to 18 (2% of 20) and extraction is scheduled again.


Configure the xml as :

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Adapters\Tmonitor\Settings\AutoChunkSetting.xml
Tag <AutoChunkSetting>
Node <PercentChunkSizeReduction>10</PercentChunkSizeReduction>
Configuration setting Specify the chunk size reduction percentage in the node. For example you specied 12 in the node.<PercentChunkSizeReduction>12</PercentChunkSizeReduction>Chunk size will be reduced to 12.
Default Value The default value is 10.