Disable Rule-Based Extraction

Rule based extraction enables you to scope your extraction based on a rule book or set of rule books. When you select a rule book, IRC detects the objects and fields used in the rule book, and extracts only those objects and fields.

By default, rule based extraction can be scheduled for the System Configuration Insight for SAP. To disable this feature, modify the RulebasedExtractionSettings.xml as follows:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\PresentationServices\xml \RulebasedExtractionSettings.xml
Tag <Insight>
Configuration setting To disable rule based extraction for the System Configuration Insight for SAP, add the following node:
26aab5c7-f390-44d4-82ed-c4e0cdb852b6 </GUID > <Name > System
Configuration Insight for SAP </Name > <ShortName >
SAPSystemConfiguration </ShortName >