Number of rows displayed on a report

By default, the number of rows displayed on the above reports is limited to 100000. To change the number of rows displayed on a report, you truncate the report using the XML and then configure the number of rows to be displayed on a report.


Configure the xml as follows:

XML file name and path [InstallPath]\Adapters\TMonitor\ProcessModules\SAPAI\Reports\RDL\ Rule Violation Analysis
Tag <parameter>
Node <parameter name="TruncateAt" required="false" displayName="##TruncateAt_DN##" spParamName="@TruncateAt" visible="false" inSeperateRow="false" defaultvalue="100000" />
Configuration setting To change the truncation limit, keep the defaultvalue as 1 in the Role Violation Details.xml and then change the defaultvalue in the above node to any desired numeric value.
Default Value By default, 100000 rows will be populated in a report.